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IndyPro welcomes you to our website. Please review all we have to offer and let us know anything we can help you with. Please contact us here.



INDY PRO supplies and installs all fence types. We handle your residiential and commercial fencing requirements. We also provide fence repair services, contact us here....

INDY PRO supplies and installs vinyl and other types of siding for residiential and commercial properties. We also provide repair services, contact us here....

INDY PRO can provide you with new deck design, supply and install. We also provide deck repairs, re-planking, and staining , contact us here...

No matter what your emergency is, Indy Pro is ready 24/7 to get you through your tough time, contact us here....

INDY PRO is equiped for all your power washing needs. We offer all residential, commercial, and industrial power washing solutions, contact us here...

INDY PRO has decorated many homes and businesses with a wide variety of Christmas Lighting packages, contact us here...

INDY PRO can install the latestest technology in your home or business to eliminate mold, mildew, allergions and oders. Breather better and healthier contact us here...

No job is too small or too large for Indy Pro. We have decades of experience in all areas of home improvement, ann jobs are done professional, contact us here...

Our project manager convinced our insurance company to pay for restoration work after we tried three different times on our own with no success.
We are pleasantly surprised to see what a professional can do.

Mike & Kime A., Indianapolis, IN

Indy Pro was hired as the general contractor to build our deck. The quote and pricing was fair. His workmanship was great. Quality building!


Jackie P., Whiteland, IN

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